The People’s Painters – BBC2 NI 3rd Feb 10pm!! — See my twin’s appearance!

via The People’s Painters – BBC2 NI 3rd Feb 10pm!! — moyra blayney art

Cannot wait to see my twin sister, Moyra Blayney take part in this new BBC NI art show called ‘The People’s Painters’ which was filmed all over the Province during last summer.  All five amateur artists were chosen from over 100 applicants and their task is to paint three works based on Work, People and Places.  It is so nice to see some local talent on display and if you are interested in seeing more of Moyra’s amazing original art have a look at the Yard Gallery’s website – just put Moyra in the search bar!  10641176_10153406449972959_6902839096130858505_n

Mo’s first appearance on the BBC – when we both took part in Bargain Hunt a few years ago!


Mo uses all sorts of mediums – this is a collage using old Belfast receipts!

img_20180106_121810_hdr.jpg#One of Mo’s famous floral wreath paintings – get in touch if you would like to know how to paint one yourself!30705630_10156499777554101_5908307125779562496_n#This is Mo at the Hallows Gallery and Framing at their Untold Story Exhibition (not her painting by the way!)

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