A Delight of a Box! The challenge of commissions…

Last month one of my work colleagues asked if she could commission a box for her father’s upcoming 80th birthday.  I was very happy to oblige but it was also daunting to be given this major task as the box was going to be making its way half way around the world, to Brazil in fact!

I love to know as much about the person who will receive the box as possible and this gentleman really has lived an interesting life!  He was not only a dentist in the military, but had an amazing football career and a lifelong interest in ornithology – this was going to be interesting.  Thankfully his daughter had provided me with some gorgeous old photographs, memorabilia and the rest I was able to source for myself.

I began by papering the inside of the box with vintage inspired papers including some of birds native to South America, advertising papers from old dental magazines and maps of Brazil. I then placed the main photographic images in place having scanned, resized and aged them.  Of course I had to add a few of my signature elements such as a little watch and some game pieces!

The final touch was to place the special items such as medals and family photos into the assemblage and check the final look of the box before handing it over for delivery!  It was a real honour to make this special keepsake and I was so happy when it was received by my friend with such joy.


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