Virtual exhibition!!

2013-12-04 20.12.08OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

'Are You My Mummy?' - just another Doctor Who quote!!
‘Are You My Mummy?’ – just another Doctor Who quote!!




2 Replies to “Virtual exhibition!!”

  1. Hay!

    Im a Cornish art student studying the Level 3 art and design diploma in Truro collage.

    i saw your work and thought i could link it to my own ideas for the theme of ‘Lost and found’ for my end of year project and was wondering if i could ask you some questions about your work so i can analyse and relate it to my own.

    I am a huge fan of your ‘Alice in wonderland’ themed piece and would like to know how large the boxes you had used is.

    Also do you make the items you place into your boxes? if so what do you use to make them?

    and finally if you were to make a box on the theme ‘lost and found’ how and where would you start?

    Thank you very much for reading my message, i hope to hear from you soon!

    – Caja Nick Trevorrow

    1. Hi, Denise here! Thanks so much for the lovely comments about my page! Yes, I would certainly be interested in helping you with your project and have been able to do so for a few other students over the years. If you message me via my Facebook page with an email address I can answer your questions above in more depth and send you a few photos that you can use with my permission. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again.

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