New Year Giveaway!

********TEENY TINY BOX G I V E A W A Y*********
You can check this out on my Facebook page as well and NO SHARES REQUIRED!! Just a wee comment to let me know you want to be in with a chance either here at my WordPress page or the Facebook page …and I will give the winner’s name out on Friday evening!!  Remember… the box is sooooo tiny it can be posted worldwide so everyone has a chance!! :)   

This box measures an incredible 6cmx 3.5cm x 2cm!! Smallest I have ever completed and it could be yours!! Included in it are some vintage papers, tiny pearl buttons, an antique pen nib, the tiniest postcard ever and other bits and bobs.

2014-01-06 20.25.05 2014-01-06 20.25.32 2014-01-06 20.25.52 2014-01-06 20.27.34 2014-01-06 20.29.18 2014-01-06 20.30.06


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